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Jewel in the crown of the Polish countryside, West Pomerania, Pomerania. Terrain, deep forests, numerous lakes and rivers. Natural animal refuges, land of a CRANE.

Small population, large areas of agricultural exploited including many forms of an organic farming. A few picturesquely situated towns, remote villages, scattered colonial buildings. It all means that a wayfarer is going to have a wonderful experience walking throughout this area. Hiking through Pomerania is a continuous catching views, barely in the rearview mirror of the car a charming lake disappears, from delighted landscape through the pine scented, basked in the sun forest, to briefly fall into a dark spruce grove,  then we go through smoothly hills, cut by ravines color of wildlife refuge.

We will meet a numerous representatives of the bird world including a top avian aristocracy specimen; the eagle, so called ,,the proud eagle”. Crane is undoubtedly a host bird of this land, it will be an inseparable companion watched by our viewers.

Deer, fallow deer here and there. Bison, gliding fox, a lucky person may even perceive a wolf who lives in this land.
The other hosts of this land is undoubtedly a beaver.

Two National Parks, numerous landscape parks, wildlife refuges, protected areas, nature reserves. It all awaits for you. Pomerania is a land of water, the coast of the Baltic Sea, Szczecin’s lagoon, numerous lake district, not inconsiderable amount of navigable rivers, thousands of streams and rivulets. The charming ponds, beautiful in its severity swamps and backwaters. A paradise for water recreation, and at the same time the place where in silence, without the hustle and bustle, you can indulge in the pleasure of sailing, canoeing rivers, marches and games.

Pomerania is a special place. Worth knowing, but also worth preserving. So remember a wayfarer, whatever you do, do not injure to what surrounds you here

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